The Long River Slides | Water wieg me by Sanne Rovers

The Long River Slides | Water wieg me

a musical ode to sadness

Punk brass band De Kift has been performing its unique brand of music on the international scene for over 30 years. Frontman Ferry Heijne sets off by boat searching for adventure and inspiration. The portholes frame the barren winter landscape. Heijne listens to the stories told by people he meets along the way. Their stories are suffused with the air of loneliness, wistfulness and stubborn determination that characterize the sound of De Kift. The struggle of life is the inspiration for new music.

director Sanne Rovers
cinematography Diderik Evers
sound Gideon Bijlsma
editor Riekje Ziengs
executive production Ilja Roomans
production Jotte Den Dulk
music De Kift
costumes Rebekka Wormann
art direction Alex van Santen
coach Suzanne Raes
A production by Docmakers in coproduction with the NTR
Supported by NPO Fund and AFK