An angel in Doel by Tom Fassaert

Facing the advancing Antwerp docks, the village of Doel and its few remaining inhabitants struggle against the inevitable.

As the village of Doel dies a slow death in the shadow of the megalithic Antwerp docks, the elderly Emilienne tries to continue with her everyday life. But the village pastor Verstraete dies and Emilienne’s friends leave. Ultimately she is forced to let go as well.

want to see the film?: (password: angel)

* Honorary Mention at Berlin International Filmfestival 2011

* Grand Prix at Festival International du Cinéma des Peuples, New Caledonia 2012

* Universities Award at Doclisboa 2011

* NL Award for best dutch documentary 2011

* Gouden Kalf (nominated) - Best Long Documentary 2011

* Gouden Kalf (nominated) - Best Editing 2011

* Nomination Dutch Directors Guild Award 2011

* Distributed in Dutch, German and French film theaters, starting 31 maart 2011

* Screened on more than 40 international festivals worldwide

72’ / video / b&w

Prod: SNG Film (NL), Co-prod: CinéTé Filmproducties (BE)
Dir: Tom Fassaert
Sc: Tom Fassaert
Language: Flemish (English subtitles)