A baby Smith by Marleen Jonkman (research)

a short experiment
a brother & sister have a intimate relationship

Developed with the support of The Netherlands Film Fund

Having a baby. For a lot of couples it is a special occasion. Special, but in a way still normal, something they have always expected of life. A logical consequence of falling in love and building a relationship. Not, though, for Hanna and Martijn Smith, who are brother and sister.


Director: Marleen Jonkman

Written by: Colleen Scheepers

Cinematographer Diderik Evers
Sound Recording & Mix Tim van Peppen
Production Designer Vera van der Sant

Producers: Annemiek van Gorp & René Goosens

Produced by DE PRODUCTIE


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Office: 31(10) 476 33 88
Email: info@deproductie.nl